In this 6-minute video, today’s added value and the important step towards constant improvement are summarized in a coherent way. Please take a look.

Mobility is important: the smartphone is definitely always with us. We can all be reached at any time and are prepared to quickly call up information as well as passing it on. There is simply no time to search through outdated Excel lists and scan for data.

The winedatabase is the digital-mobile solution with a click or a tap of a finger to call up wine info, tasting notes, inventory, value of goods, contact details, purchase- and sales figures and much more in a matter of seconds.

​Winedatabase as a treasury

​In the winedatabase, all wine data is stored in a systematic and structured manner so that searching and finding happens quickly and easily.

All wines are specified by their characteristics resembling their attributes and are used as a search key.

Therefore, our application is a powerful database for all transactions.

The wine cellar sees itself as a treasure chamber, in which all wines have to be managed respectfully.

​Quality of database

​Hundreds or thousands of bottles of wine are scattered in many places, of which an overview of the treasures must be given at all times.

Which wine is stored where? In which cellar room? At which storage location? In what quantity and what value does this wine represent?

If you assume a value of EUR 1 million and an error rate of 1%, then the damage already means EUR 10,000, which can be avoided by a first-class organizational engine.

The quality of an interactive database is vastly superior to that of a collection of Excel spreadsheets that are poorly or (not at all) connected.

​Fast access to the data

​The aim is, being able to access from anywhere and anytime from all possible devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) and to get correct statements.

Our powerful internet and database server delivers each and every answer correctly in a matter of seconds.

​Successful with the weinbankAPP

​Having already used our application in a well-known hotel with over 50,000 bottles, but also supporting a wine lover with his private inventory of several thousand bottles, we believe that we can offer the right solution for present-day use.

​In  ​The Hotel Kronenschlösschen, which is well known in wine expert circles, has successfully taken the step onto the Internet and in close cooperation with Maître and Head Sommelier Florian Richter (seen in interview), the project weinbankAPP was not only generated in six weeks, but is also being continuously enhanced through input from practice and expertise.

CONCLUSION: individual requirements for each wine storage are solved by customer-related adjustments. A trial month and start-up help for the first filling of the wine bank are naturally part of this in order to keep the entry threshold as low as possible.

We would be happy to show you our system live in a ZOOM session and answer any questions.

Suchen und Finden

​Die meiste Zeit geht für das Suchen und das Finden von Daten verloren. - Dies kann durch Funktionen für Filter und Gruppierung maximal verbessert werden.

Solide Datenbasis

​Anstatt in hunderten Excel-Tabellen zu stöbernen, werden alle Daten reduntant-frei in der Datenbank vorgehalten. Und der Zugriff wird dabei auch beschleunigt.


​Über "Customizing"-Funktionen kann der Benutzer seine Sicht individuell anpassen. Er kann Spalten zeigen oder verstecken, und Grundeinstellungen für Filter, Gruppierung, Sortierung selbst vornehmen.

Zugriff überall

​Das System für den Zugriff über Browser (Chrome, Safari etc.) vorbereitet und über das Web per PC, Tablet, Smartphone für Zugriffe ausgerichtet.