​The sommelier is not just an expert in sensory technology and in-depth knowledge of thousands of wines from all over the world, he is also an analyst. Your own wine cellar, your own warehouse is also a treasure trove where these gems have to be cared for.

Wines have their values, which are constantly evolving over time. Resulting changes must be documented in order to be able to provide information about their fundamental value at any time.

​What is the benefit for the sommelier or sommelière? What are the advantages?

As a sommelier(e), you are a specialist in the knowledge of wine, but you are not necessarily an IT-expert. - Therefore, the data must be provided in a perfectly prepared way and the handling of the winedatabase must be easy and user-friendly.

All data is obviously recorded in lists and tables. - Over the past 30 years, spreadsheets with EXCEL have saved a great deal of time and afforded a broad overview of the wines in the cellar. - Nevertheless, the EXCEL technology has its limits for the user when its tables become too large. Consider that with stocks of more than 1000 different bottles, it is far too easy to lose perspective.

​Our life revolves around a constant search and find. – A technique is needed that enables the user to bring all information to the surface in full clarity without wasting time. Each answer must be correct and rational as presented to the questioner.

Digital transformation means that access to knowledge is increasingly preferred via mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. - It is evident that all data is stored securely in a central location and is therefore accessible at any time and from any location.

Organizing knowledge in the winedatabase saves time, avoids errors and reduces costs.

There is always room for improvement

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